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This is a build blog of Duanes 'Zebee'... a nice little Microcopter capable of a HD cam like Mobius Action Cam, follow up and enjoy.


Starting with the frame today ( 12.Apr. 2014).

Step 1:

- Sawing, sawing and drilling.20140412 155026

What is it made of ?

Acrylglass, an epoxyplate as centerplater and stronghold and traditional aluminium bars as the so called 'arms'.
the acryl has different sizes. The lower plate is a bit more flexible than the top plate. Why ?
the top plate has to support the screws, which will later 'jam' the bars between the different layers. You will see later.

Colors : yeah .... no it won't stay pink. Thats just the foil that covers the plastic and protects it during the assembling.

Time needed : About 1 hour ( .... and some blood)



Step 2:

- Paintjob .... hate it or love itframe2


After about 1 hour (including) painting it looks like this : Drying on a heater .....
Is there differnt colors available ? Yeah, but I was sure pink aint no mans color :)

 Step 3:




Look at that .... the bee frame is ready to use. I use metal spacers to give her a bit more strengh. Its also possible to use plastic ones. But after the first hard landing you might regrate your decision. If you want to safe money and weight fantastic plastic might be your choice.

Srews user:

M3x16 .... 9 of them.
M3x10 .... 4 of them.


What you can't see is the battery bay. I added it afterwards :)

What next ? The electronics, which we are waiting for ........

 Step 4:

Soldering and assembling the motors.


20140426 200046


Well here we go again. After 2 paibful weeks of waiting we got what we wanted (nearly). Now all motors are mounted, ESCs are soldered and the boars is programmed.

If you mount the motors us a tiny bit of rapid glue to prevent them from falling out later. Loctide is an alternativ too. make sure all the motors run in the correct directions. The first left engine is "R" which is CW (clockwise). This might be different if you use a different controller / software.

Zebee will get MultiWii Version 2.3, my favourite one !




Step 5:

Soldering the board and make it nice and neat :)

And finally :) all conected !

Dont forget to check the propeller direction before you mount them !!!!

Another Zebee in the skies !


 Latest status:  boxed and sent :)  a new Zebee in the skies !